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Car Brake System Service & Repair 

At Stewart’s Donnybrook Automotive in Tyler, TX, we are concerned about the safety of you and your family. Your vehicle’s brakes are integral to your level of safety and are one of the most important automotive systems to monitor and service regularly. Without proper maintenance and timely repair, the wear and tear on your car brakes can increase the time and distance required to stop your vehicle in an emergency. Having a brake inspection by a certified mechanic at regular intervals helps to catch minor problems before they become larger, more costly ones.

Before any repairs are made to the brakes on your automobile, we thoroughly inspect every part of the brake system, including the mechanical functions as well as the operation of the entire hydraulic system. We use only top quality factory OEM and Wagner parts and fluids for your automobile’s brake system repairs. Our ASE Certified Master Technicians have been specializing in automotive braking systems for over 20 years. This guarantees that your brakes are fixed professionally, and correctly, the first time. For top quality, reliable brake repair, trust your vehicle to the specialists at Stewart’s Donnybrook Automotive to ensure lasting performance and safety. Our professional mechanics are committed to providing exceptional service at affordable prices, and we back our work with a complete warranty on parts and labor.

Several common signs indicate a need for brake service:

Dashboard Brake Light

Your vehicle is equipped with a dashboard brake service/repair warning light to alert you to problems within the system such as low fluid or worn brake pads. Do not ignore this light! Having an inspection immediately upon noticing this light can prevent you from causing further damage, save you money, and possibly save your life!

A car’s dashboard brake light connects to both your emergency brake and your auto braking system. The most common issue is low brake fluid. Low fluid is not caused by normal wear and tear; it doesn’t simply evaporate or get used up. It is likely caused by a leak in the system.

Some vehicles are also equipped with a wear indicator which will trigger the light when the pads are worn down to a certain level and need to be replaced.

Issues within the ABS (Antilock Braking System) may cause a warning light. Most modern vehicles are equipped with a separate ABS light. A warning light could mean a system imbalance and indicates that your vehicle is in need of a brake check.


A metallic grinding noise means that the pads need to be replaced immediately. Driving with worn through pads causes more damage to your vehicle, can turn a minor problem into a major one, and most importantly, endangers you and others.

Low or Fading Pedal

If your pedal sinks down to your floorboard when you stop your car or if you have to pump the pedal in order to stop the vehicle, this could indicate an internal leak in the master cylinder or lines. This is a serious and potentially dangerous condition which requires immediate attention.

Squealing Brakes

Brake pads are designed to tell you when they require service. Once they have been worn down to the recommended replacement level, a warning tab makes contact with the rotors and causes a high pitched squealing noise when braking.

Whether you are in need of a system tune up, or brake or automotive repair in Tyler, TX, bring your car in for a complete system inspection. The certified brake mechanics at Stewart’s Donnybrook Automotive have state of the art diagnostic equipment, experience, and the technical skill to handle any repair or service needs, both minor and major. Come by and let us perform a FREE professional inspection of your brakes today.

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