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Oil Change Service 

What Makes Stewart’s Donnybrook Automotive Oil Changes Different?

We change your oil the old fashioned way using professional quality products and fluids as recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer. We take pride in our honesty and integrity and will never try to “upsell” a type of oil that your vehicle doesn’t need. We may take a little longer than those “Quick Oil Change” locations, but we feel our attention to your vehicle is worth it. Afterall, not only will we change the oil and oil filter, but we also conduct a complimentary check of many of your vehicle’s other important systems.

Don’t forget to ask about our OIL CHANGE PROMOTION!

Our ACDelco certified technicians will perform the following services on every vehicle that comes in for a routine oil change:

  • Change Oil
  • Change Oil Filter
  • Check Hoses
  • Check Lights
  • Lubricate Chassis
  • Check Air Filter
  • Check Cabin Air Filter
  • Check PCV Valve
  • Check Windshield
  • Check Wiper Blades
  • Check & Fill Coolant
  • Check & Fill Transmission Fluid
  • Check & Fill Differential Fluid
  • Check Brake Fluid Level
  • Check Belts
  • Check & Fill Steering Fluid
  • Check & Fill Windshield Fluid
  • Check Tire Wear
  • Check Inflation of Tires
  • Check Battery

Why Is Engine Oil So Important To Your Car’s Performance and Longevity?

  1. Maintains engine lubrication. All the moving parts in the engine are moving at high rates of speed. Without proper oil lubrication, the engine will wear down dramatically.
  2. Cools engine components. All of the moving parts in your engine create friction, which in turn creates heat. Maintaining clean and adequate amounts of oil is the best solution to prevent an excess of friction and your engine from overheating.
  3. Removes particles and sludge. Over time, dirt particles can cause corrosion and decrease the life of your car’s engine. Furthermore, as time goes on, oil breaks down and turns to sludge. Routine oil and filter changes remove particles and sludge and help to keep your engine clean and running in peak condition.
  4. Improves gas mileage. Poor engine lubrication causes an increase in fuel consumption. The U.S. Department of Energy has stated that with routine oil changes and by selecting the right type of oil, gas mileage can be improved.
  5. Promotes vehicle longevity. Why make your vehicle’s internal components work harder than they have to? Buildup, sludge, dirt particles and lack of lubrication make an engine work harder than it is designed to, which often results in more costly problems down the road.

Whether you are needing a routine oil change or a system tune uplet the certified professionals at Stewart’s Donnybrook Automotive Tyler show you the difference we make and what sets us apart from the rest when it comes to our expertise and the care of your vehicle.

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