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Complete Ignition System Tune Up 

Keeping your car or truck’s ignition system in tune ensures your vehicle has power when you need it. A good tune-up can also save gas through better engine operation. Contrary to common beliefs, modern vehicles still need tune-ups to keep them performing at peak performance and efficiency.

Demands for increased fuel efficiency forced vehicle manufacturers to adopt high tech electronic ignition systems that use one or more computers to control critical engine functions. The ignition system voltage in newer model automobiles can exceed 30,000 volts! The high energy ignition systems in today’s modern vehicles require special attention and diagnostic equipment in order to continually operate efficiently.

Many vehicle manufacturers boast that their cars are equipped with extended-life spark plugs that can remain in optimal condition for 100,000 miles. However, before you wait that long to replace them, bear in mind that spark plugs that hit the 80,000-mile marker are 80% worn. Age, mileage, and normal wear and tear can cause intricate systems to break down affecting performance, costly fuel economy, and the need for expensive repairs.

The basic electronic ignition system tune-up procedures are as follows:

  • Remove spark plugs.
  • Test compression in each cylinder.
  • Clean and/or replace spark plugs and gap spark plugs to manufacturer’s specifications
  • If applicable, check the distributor cap and rotor for cracks and wear.

Although tune-up parts and procedures have changed greatly, there is still a need to maintain the ignition system. Modern vehicles are very reliable and will run unmaintained for long periods, but they will eventually break down and fail if not properly maintained with good car repair. The major difference is that components for newer vehicles cost much more when they do fail.

As technology progressed, the specialized procedures required to perform an ignition system tune-up has changed. It is very important to have these systems checked by trained professionals who have the skills and the sophisticated equipment to do the job right.

Stewart’s Donnybrook Automotive in Tyler, TX, can help. We have the knowledge and equipment to keep your ignition system tuned up and your vehicle properly maintained. Give Stewart Auto Repair on Donnybrook a call or stop by and let our 60 plus years of automotive experience work for you.

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