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One of the main reasons people end up with expensive car repairs is that they too often ignore warning signs from their vehicles.

Just as the best mechanics agree, Stewart's Donnybrook Automotive in Tyler knows the importance of regular vehicle maintenance- and the importance of paying attention to your car’s warning lights and unusual signs many people choose to ignore!

Our certified technicians see all sorts of problems when our customers bring their car in to be fixed- many of the car repairs could have been prevented or less costly.

Sure, we are in the business of repairing cars and trucks, but we hate to see you spend money on car repairs that could be prevented by professional vehicle maintenance.

Here's a list of warnings people often overlook in their cars and some reasons why they shouldn't be ignored!

Dashboard Warning Lights

Ok, we've all done it. A warning light appears on your vehicle's dash. You know you should pay attention to it, but the car still seems to be running fine. You haven't noticed anything unusual: no weird noises, smoke, smells, or vibrations. "I'll look it up in the manual next week," you tell yourself.

But next week, it's too late. That little light you ignored or put off was trying to tell you it's time to check on something before it breaks. Now you're off to your local auto repair shop with a broken-down car.

Part of the problem is that many car owners don't know what the different lights/symbols mean. Here at Donnybrook Automotive in Tyler, we want to "enLIGHTen" you, so here's a little breakdown:

Engine Temp Warning Symbol

It looks like the letter "E" attached to a temperature symbol, with wavy lines beneath it. This symbol is essential to pay attention to in the moment. It can mean the difference between an expensive car engine repair or not. It's trying to tell you that your car engine is overheating. If you see this light, you should pull over right away and let your engine cool down. If it comes on more than once, make sure to see your local mechanic immediately. It could be a sign of bigger issues.

Tire Pressure Warning Symbol

It sort of looks like a tire…But the big exclamation point in the center is what to pay attention to.

This symbol is warning you that one or more of your tires is experiencing low pressure—aka it needs more air.

It might not seem like a big deal, but a low tire can very quickly become a flat tire. You don't want to have a blowout on the highway, as that can become very dangerous. When you see this symbol, pull into a local gas station and fill your tire up with air. If it appears more than once, you might have a chronic leak, and you should get your car in to your local garage for a fix or a replacement tire.

Oil Pressure Warning Symbol

It looks like an old fashioned oil can, sometimes with a little drip coming out the end.

This symbol means you're low or out of oil. It could also mean your vehicle is experiencing an issue with its oil pressure system.

No matter what, if you see this light, it's a good idea to stop into your local trusted mechanic and have them take a look. Hopefully, it will be an easy fix with an oil change or top off, but if it's something more serious, having it taken care of immediately will help ensure you don't have bigger problems down the road…(no pun intended.)

Engine Warning Symbol or Check Engine Light

It usually looks like the silhouette of a car engine.

The check engine light could be a warning sign of any number of car problems. It could be something simple, but on the off chance it's not, it's a good idea to have your car checked out right away. Your local mechanic should be able to tell pretty quickly what the problem is.

Antilock Brake Warning Symbol

It has the symbols "ABS" in big letters.

It means your antilock brake system is having problems. Don't mess around with brakes. Take your vehicle to be checked out right away.